Elevate your customer experience and drive climate action with CHOOOSE™ climate solutions

Introduce CHOOOSE-powered enterprise-grade climate tools into your daily operations to meet your decarbonization targets and engage customers in climate action.

Facilitate large-scale climate action and engage your customers with market leading climate tools.

Designed to meet your specific needs, our tools help you drive impact and connect your customers to trusted climate solutions.

Easy to implement, easy to use


Embedded carbon app

Empower travelers to calculate and address the emissions of their flights, ground transportation, and accommodation with the CHOOOSE carbon app. Seamlessly integrated into your website, configured to your brand’s specifications.

Fully developed landing page

Provide your customers with a fully hosted, white-labeled landing page with custom copy and branding to learn more about your airport’s sustainability efforts and invite them to get involved. The site makes it easy for travelers to measure and address their carbon footprint.

No heavy lifting

CHOOOSE handles all services related to running your climate program, including project screening and diligence, portfolio  management, retirement and reporting, hands-on support, transactions with third-party providers, and marketing implementation guidance—so you can focus on your mission.

The climate program for leading airports and travel organizations

Give your customers access to:

✓ A holistic tool to act on their carbon emissions
✓ High-precision travel emissions calculations
✓ Flight, ground transport, and accommodation data
✓ High-impact climate solutions to support
✓ Certificates detailing their climate contribution
✓ Information about SDGs they’re supporting

Enabling climate action for all travelers

Connect your airport to trusted climate solutions

With CHOOOSE, you have access to a range of diverse climate solutions, from Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and nature-based solutions to carbon removal. Our climate solutions are compliant with the most comprehensive international standards and operational best practices, and we work hands-on with our partners to find the solutions that best match their values and objectives.

Build and launch the climate program your airport needs

Our enterprise-grade widgets and landing pages enable climate calculations and compensation options that engage travelers in your sustainability efforts. Our real-time dashboard provides insights into program performance, while CHOOOSE handles all the logistics.

Get a fully managed solution for your customer-facing climate offerings

→ Choice of a white-labeled website or an embeddable carbon app
→ Climate solutions portfolio setup and management
→ Option to include Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in climate portfolio
→ Emissions calculations based on internationally-recognized standards
→ Custom white-labeled transactional emails and certificates
→ Custom-tailored customer-facing content and content localization
→ Access to a dedicated dashboard and custom reporting tools
→ Professional management of carbon offsetting and SAF purchases
→ Full technical and customer support

"We’re delighted that Heathrow passengers will be able to address their flights by purchasing SAF with our partner CHOOOSE—the more people who talk about and use SAF, the faster we’ll be able to scale-up production and cut carbon emissions from flying for good."

Matt Gorman

Director of Sustainability, Heathrow Airport
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Climate action for everyone.

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